The autopatch feature has been restored on our VHF repeater, 146.800. Instructions on how to make a phone call from your radio can be found in the “Member’s Area” in “Repeater Codes”.

If you have forgotten your speed dial number, contact Nick.

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MRARC Welcomes New Member

We have a new member Patrick VA7PJC, who also is the new Emergency Program Coordinator with the District of Maple Ridge. His responsibilities include coordinating the delivery of Emergency Social Services to Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows; Developing plans, strategies, and training opportunities for the joint Emergency Operations Centre; And liaising with community groups engaged in emergency preparedness and response.

Patrick comes to Maple Ridge having worked with the City of Vancouver for the past 10 years where he dedicated his time to developing public safety programs. Involved with ESS since 2005, Patrick has worked closely with Emergency Management, performing various roles during  many activations of the Vancouver EOC. He successfully completed his Amateur Radio Operators course with VECTOR in 2010, call sign VA7PJC.

In his new role, Patrick aims to increase disaster resiliency for Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, focusing on volunteer recruitment and training. Believing that “Volunteers are the Heart of Emergency Response”, his goal is to provide volunteers with the knowledge, tools and support they need to fulfill their mission.

If you would like to contact Patrick, he can be reached at 604-467-7301 during regular office hours, or by email pcullen>at<mapleridge>dot<ca

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SK: Floyd Beardsell [VE7HI]

It is with profound sadness that our club announces the passing of our good friend – and first club president – Mr. Floyd Beardsell [VE7HI], his key falling silent on 4 January 2014.

A memorial service for Floyd will take place at 2 PM, on Saturday, 11 January 2014, inside the Community Hall, at 27111 – 0 (zero) Ave., Aldergrove, BC.

As Floyd was both Elmer and friend to many throughout the Amateur Radio community over the decades, we request immediate and widest possible distribution of this message.

73 de Mike [VA7BZ]

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Jamboree On The Air — JOTA 2013


Jamboree On The Air 2013 Posted on 18 Nov 2013 by Al [VE7EAR] The Jamboree on the Air, or JOTA, is an annual Scouting event that uses amateur radio to link Scouts around the world, around Canada, and in your own community.

Held on the third full weekend of October each year, this worldwide jamboree requires no travel, other than to a nearby amateur radio shack, Scout meeting place, camp or community center. JOTA started right here in Canada in 1958. In 1997, communicating through the internet was added, and this was called Jamboree on the Internet or JOTI for short. Both annual events are now international in scope, and sanctioned and sponsored by the World Organization of the Scouting Movement. Each year, more than 500,000 Scouting and Guiding youth from around the world take part.

In Canada, anyone can speak on an amateur radio station under the supervision of a licensed operator. In some countries, only licensed Radio Amateurs are permitted to speak on the air, while in other countries, Scouts and Guides are permitted to speak on the radio just as we can here in Canada.

VE7VX, Paul, reported that the day went well. There was about fifty youths ranging from Beavers to Ventures that attended from the following; 1st Haney pack, 1st Haney troop, 4th Mission Company and 1st Laityview troop. Contacts were made with Brisbane Australia using the IRLP node and Long beach California. VE7EAR had been listening on the day and was impressed with the quality of the conversations from the youths on the air. VA7SDL, Simon, thanked VX, MOC, TE and Sophie for all the work they did to make this JOTA/GOTA event a success as all the leaders who attended had commented on how great the sessions were and the three rivers coordinator for the event was impressed with the quality of the day. The club was also presented with a certificate of appreciation from the 1st Haney troop, this will be placed on the club room wall.

High Resolution Press Images:

[+] icon_pdf.gif
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First Recipient of the Floyd Beardsell Award

During our AGM on 4 June 2013, club members officially recognized our first recipient of the Floyd Beardsell Award (also commonly known as the President’s Award) – and the recipient is none more fitting than our very own, newly-elected Club President, Nick [VE7TE].

The Floyd Beardsell Award is the highest honour our club can bestow upon a member – that one member who best exemplifies service towards furthering both Amateur Radio and their local community.

It should then come as no great surprise to anyone who knows Nick, that he quite easily fulfilled every single aspect of the award criteria – with no less than three separate nominations from club membership – and having previously (and currently) served in every Club Executive position, chaired many of our club committees, serving with the British Columbia Amateur Radio Coordination Council, a Volunteer Examiner and Elmer to many new (and old) hams, our local liaison for the Provincial Emergency Program; Pitt Meadows Day Parade and Fireworks; Maple Ridge Santa Claus parade; Pitt Meadows Airport Days; etc, etc, etc…  …honestly, the list here truly is exhausting…  …and quite literally as endless as Nick’s devotion to both Amateur Radio and his community.

The Floyd Beardsell Award (President’s Award) is named after our organization’s first President; who, for many years, has also worked tirelessly towards furthering both Amateur Radio and the local community.

Nick_Floyd Beardsell Award_sm










Club President, Nick [VE7TE] (right), being presented with the Floyd Beardsell Award by MRARC Sergeant-at-Arms and Awards Committee Chair, Mike [VA7MTD] (left)


Nick_Floyd Beardsell Award2_sm





L to R: Mike [VA7MTD], Nick [VE7TE], and former Club Presidents, Mike [VA7BZ], Lynn [VE7LYN], and Dave [VA7DRD]


Nick_Floyd Beardsell Award3_sm











Nick [VE7TE] proudly showing off his new hardware


Floyd Beardsell presenting Nick Gaudiuso with the 2013 Certificate










L to R: Nick [VE7TE] being presented with his keepsake certificate by our organization’s very first Club President and award namesake, Floyd Beardsell [VE7HI]


On behalf of the entire club – CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DONE NICK!


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New Club Executive

2013 - 2014 MRARC Executive

During our AGM on 4 June 2013, the following members were elected to our Club Executive (from left to right):

  • Simon [VA7SDL], Club Secretary
  • Wayne [VE7AJ], Vice President (incumbent)
  • Nick [VE7TE], President
  • Eric [VA7EW], Treasurer (incumbent)

Our membership welcomes both Simon and Nick to the Executive; give heartfelt thanks to both Wayne and Eric for their continuing service; and offer our sincerest congratulations and best wishes to one and all.

73 de Mike [VA7BZ]

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