The autopatch feature has been restored on our VHF repeater, 146.800. Instructions on how to make a phone call from your radio can be found in the “Member’s Area” in “Repeater Codes”.

If you have forgotten your speed dial number, contact Nick.

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First Recipient of the Floyd Beardsell Award

During our AGM on 4 June 2013, club members officially recognized our first recipient of the Floyd Beardsell Award (also commonly known as the President’s Award) – and the recipient is none more fitting than our very own, newly-elected Club President, Nick [VE7TE].

The Floyd Beardsell Award is the highest honour our club can bestow upon a member – that one member who best exemplifies service towards furthering both Amateur Radio and their local community.

It should then come as no great surprise to anyone who knows Nick, that he quite easily fulfilled every single aspect of the award criteria – with no less than three separate nominations from club membership – and having previously (and currently) served in every Club Executive position, chaired many of our club committees, serving with the British Columbia Amateur Radio Coordination Council, a Volunteer Examiner and Elmer to many new (and old) hams, our local liaison for the Provincial Emergency Program; Pitt Meadows Day Parade and Fireworks; Maple Ridge Santa Claus parade; Pitt Meadows Airport Days; etc, etc, etc…  …honestly, the list here truly is exhausting…  …and quite literally as endless as Nick’s devotion to both Amateur Radio and his community.

The Floyd Beardsell Award (President’s Award) is named after our organization’s first President; who, for many years, has also worked tirelessly towards furthering both Amateur Radio and the local community.

Nick_Floyd Beardsell Award_sm










Club President, Nick [VE7TE] (right), being presented with the Floyd Beardsell Award by MRARC Sergeant-at-Arms and Awards Committee Chair, Mike [VA7MTD] (left)


Nick_Floyd Beardsell Award2_sm





L to R: Mike [VA7MTD], Nick [VE7TE], and former Club Presidents, Mike [VA7BZ], Lynn [VE7LYN], and Dave [VA7DRD]


Nick_Floyd Beardsell Award3_sm











Nick [VE7TE] proudly showing off his new hardware


Floyd Beardsell presenting Nick Gaudiuso with the 2013 Certificate










L to R: Nick [VE7TE] being presented with his keepsake certificate by our organization’s very first Club President and award namesake, Floyd Beardsell [VE7HI]


On behalf of the entire club – CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DONE NICK!


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New Club Executive

2013 - 2014 MRARC Executive

During our AGM on 4 June 2013, the following members were elected to our Club Executive (from left to right):

  • Simon [VA7SDL], Club Secretary
  • Wayne [VE7WS], Vice President (incumbent)
  • Nick [VE7TE], President
  • Eric [VA7EW], Treasurer (incumbent)

Our membership welcomes both Simon and Nick to the Executive; give heartfelt thanks to both Wayne and Eric for their continuing service; and offer our sincerest congratulations and best wishes to one and all.

73 de Mike [VA7BZ]

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Challenge Coin and Care Package for our Sibling Club

In a final act of our former Executive, Secretary, Paul [VA7VA], and President, Mike [VA7BZ], designate a Challenge Coin for our Down Under siblings…  …and prepare a few other items….










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Signal Reports Requested: New VE7RMR Repeater


The Maple Ridge Amateur Radio Club is calling upon all licensed Amateurs in South-Western British Columbia and North-Western Washington State (see projected coverage map below) to assist us with testing and coverage verification of our new 2m repeater.


Amateurs are welcome to check-in during our weekly Radio Net; or submit a signal report via our Contact Page.

Our weekly Radio Net is conducted each Wednesday night via the VE7RMR repeater in question, starting at 7:30pm (Pacific Time).



The VE7RMR repeater transmits on 146.800 MHz, with an input of 146.200 MHz (and a tone squelch of 156.7Hz)

For those unable to reach the repeater, but still able to copy it, you also have the option of checking in to our weekly net via either IRLP or Echolink:
IRLP Node: 1910
Echolink Node: 51910

Alternatively, one can also drop us a quick signal report using the convenient Contact Form. (see link below)

Planning a road trip?  …please take this page with you using the following QR Code or link:

New Repeater Post





Our Contact Form can accessed directly using the following QR Code or link:

MRARC Contact Page QR Code

(Please remember to fill in the CAPTCHA CODE when submitting this form)



Any and all coverage reports would be greatly appreciated.

73 de Mike [VA7BZ]


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The new repeater is on the air

You are now hearing our new repeater. Marty, VE7XX, got some good video of installing the new antenna, and of Nick, VE7TE, turning on and tweaking the repeater itself.

Early reports indicate much improved coverage over the lower mainland of British Columbia.

Congratulations are to go to Nick (VE7TE), committee chairperson, Marty (VE7XX), Eric (VE7EW), Earl (VE7QJ)  and Graham (VE7WGJ) club liaison with the Maple Ridge Fire Department that brought this project in collaboration with the Maple Ridge Fire Department to a successful completion.

A job well done.

Here’s some videos of the new antenna going up and our new repeater going live:




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