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Please have a look at the new classified section under Club Community on the main menu.  Club members who have a log on can advertise their amateur radio related equipment, testing equipment, tools and learning material.  If you offer a service related to the amateur radio hobby you may also advertise in the classified section.

If you are a club member and want to place an ad on behalf of another non member ham feel free to do so.  Just remember the club takes no responsibility for any ads and any transactions between seller and buyer.

Once an item is added to the classified section it will need to be approved.  An email should be generated to notify me of the pending ad, however feel free to email  me and let me know you have an ad pending.

Any questions concerns or ideas please give me a call.

Graham (VE7WGJ)

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RAC Atlantic Deputy Director Announced

Radio Amateurs of Canada would like to welcome Frank Davis, VO1HP, as the Deputy Director for the Atlantic Region. RAC Atlantic Director, Dave Goodwin, VE9CB, appointed Frank as Deputy Director on February 8, 2017.

Frank is a very well-known and well-respected Radio Amateur from St John’s and Carbonear, Newfoundland. He has been an Amateur for over 50 years and brings a wealth of Amateur Radio and professional experience to RAC. He will be an important source of sage advice.

Frank is an avid 160m DXer with over 200 countries on “Top Band” and is currently involved in a project to bridge the Atlantic on 144 MHz by terrestrial propagation modes.

Frank’s predecessor as Atlantic Deputy Director was Len Morgan, VE9MY, of Baxter’s Corner, near Saint John, New Brunswick. Len has served RAC and Canadian Amateur Radio with great distinction as a past Atlantic Director and Deputy Director, and he continues to serve as the Manager of the RAC Incoming QSL Bureau. Thank you for many years of outstanding work, Len.

Dave Goodwin, VE9CB
RAC Atlantic Director


Alan Griffin
RAC MarCom Director

    720 Belfast Road, #217
    Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z5
    613-244-4367, 1- 877-273-8304
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New DSTAR radio announcement – Giga Parts

Icom Japan announced today they will be releasing a new 50W dual band mobile called the ID-4100A. A welcome replacement for the recently retired ID-880H, the new ID-4100A enjoys the new terminal and access point modes found in the latest ID-51A-PLUS2. The new ID-4100A also includes:

• DR (D-STAR Repeater) Function with the latest user interface
• Bluetooth hands-free operation with optional Bluetooth unit
• Integrated GPS
• MicroSD card slot
• A full dot-matrix display with easy-to-read characters and icons
• Compact and detachable control head
• Enhanced remote control apps for smartphones and tablets (optional Bluetooth unit required)

This radio cannot be offered for sale or lease in the US until it has received FCC certification. However, you can reserve one now with a $35 deposit here:


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For Sale – 3Element SteppIR

3 Element SteppIR yagi, Element housing Units (motors)
recently refurbished and includes the controller, all working, with
original manuals, and other useful documentation. Asking $1,000 OBO.
Pick up from North Shore Amateur Radio Club. Call John, VA7JW
604-936-2367 or cell 604-802-8367, or email for
Tx 73


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Swap Meet – MRARC

The Maple Ridge Amateur Radio Club presents the Fraser Valley’s largest



May 7, 2017

9 AM – 12 PM

Location: 12460 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows, BC

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Richmond Amateur Radio Club – Swap Meet

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February meeting changed

Hello All:

Due to the snow and difficulties driving, the MRARC February Business Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 7 is postponed for 1 week to Tuesday, Feb. 14 at 1930 local time.

Yours truly,
Paul English
VA7VX (SSB) / VE7XPK (digital)

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Palm Springs Hamfest

Hello everyone up there in snowy Maple Ridge, and Pitt Meadows.   I trust that you are all getting by with the unusually cold and snowy season.

Palms Springs has been cool up until about a week ago.  The weather has finally turned to the warmer side for us, at last!

As most of you probably know, by our absence on radio, Rhonda and I have been very busy down here with family visiting us here at Christmas, to unexpected trips to Calgary to deal with Family matters and volunteering for duties around the park.  The last 3 months passed quickly and it still feels like we just got here yesterday.   Well enough about us.

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to visit the Palm Spring Hamfest.   I attended the event with two very good friends, Scott (portland, Or) and Rand (VE7HRA) visiting the valley from Ladner.

This year, the hamfest was particularly fun because the event was held at the Palm Springs Aircraft Museum.   So, in addition to the usual outdoor swapmeet and indoor hamfest, we got the opportunity to visit many old (in many cases still operational) aircraft from years gone by. Although, the hamfest lacked radio manufacturers, there were a number of ham gear vendors (including HRO) on hand to sell their wares.  The Desert Rats club did a very good job organizing the years event and by the number of people that I we saw walking around, I would say that it was also very successful.   And, of course, the club had their request for warm and sunny weather fulfilled.  It was a beautiful day!  I wonder if we could fit an airplane or two in our bi-annual swap meet, Hi Hi.

We also had a very special visitor attend the hamfest by the name of Gordon West, from Ham Nation fame.   I had the opportunity to meet Gordo when I visited Quartzfest in Quartsite, AZ a week and a half ago.   He’s just like on Ham Nation, very entertaining and all around nice guy.

My next Hamfest Adventure will be in Yuma, AZ on February 18th.  By the way, Ron Champagne is down here and I expect that he will be joining Scott, Rand and myself for the trip to Yuma.

73 for now, and may the warmer weather be upon you, soon!!

Earl VE7QJ

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What is DSTAR

Like many of the things we use in our every day life our hobby’s are no different when it comes to technology advances.  Now there are some of us who embrace these technical changes and see these advances as ways to better the hobby.  However, I also know there are those who see this as a burden and have no interest in moving along with the technology.  I do not want anyone to think that this is a burden and hope that those who do not want to use the new technologies are not going to feel left out.  Take for insistence when you first started to get into the hobby, what was the new exciting part of the hobby that excited you.  Was it the introduction of EchoLink, IRLP or was it smaller portable HF radios and antennas allowing you to take your hobby with you?  For me it was when I discovered DSTAR and DMR digital formats.  This excited me as I saw the huge potential for making contacts all over the world from my HT.

I am writing this little blog or post in an effort to engage you in the conversation of what digital radio is and what it can do.  I am by far no expert but rather an enthusiast in digital radio.  I am more knowledgeable  in the DSTAR technology than any of the other formats such as C4FM, DMR or  P25.  What I do know about DSTAR is it can communicate both voice and data at low speed and high speed rates at the same time.  Think of the potential to take a photo with your android phone or tablet and have the ability to send that photo around the world to your friend while in a QSO.  Think of having the ability to keep the EOC up to date with live data input of things like residence who are checking into a reception centre.  Having the ability to go into the field to complete a damage assessment of a piece of infrastructure and provide a detailed description complete with a picture taken with a android device.

DSTAR (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio) was developed in the late 1990’s by the  Japan Amateur Radio League.  The protocol or technology is used by ICOM radio and most recently by Kenwood radio and is exclusive to the Amateur Radio line of radios.  DSTAR radios work in analogue or digital (DV) modes.  However DSTAR repeaters only operate in Digital (DV) mode.  In order to run a DSTAR repeater you also require a DSTAR controller.  You can connect multiple repeaters to a single controller.  For example you can connect a VHF or C module repeater and a UHF or B module repeater and a 23CM or A module repeater to a single controller.  In order to use the repeater to talk beyond your local repeater area the controller must be connected to a computer and to the internet.  Advances in computer technology allow us to use computers like the Raspberry Pi 3 to run the software known as ircDDB gateway software.  The gateway is where the magic is.  Much like IRLP or EchoLink the ircDDB gateway routes your radio conversation across the internet to the intended contact.  Along with the voice portion of the information there is slow speed data embedded in the conversation that identifies your call sign and your GPS position if you have GPS.  This information will appear on the radio of anyone listening to your QSO.  New call routing technologies are improving how you connect with other DSTAR users and even work moving ahead to allow DSTAR and DMR users to use the same reflector to have QSO with groups of users.  There are many daily NETS on the DSTAR network that you can check in on.

As I stated above there are changes happening all time with different ways to use the DSTAR network.  This is all because the technology is open source and truly driven by amateurs experimenting and developing new ways to use the radio and technology.  Digital radio is exciting and it is the next big thing to hit our hobby, I am excited to learn and experiment with it and hope you will be to.  If you have any feedback please send it off to me I would love to chat more about our hobby.

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Burnaby Amateur Radio Club – Swap Meet

2017 Burnaby Amateur Radio Club Annual Swap Meet

2017 Burnaby Amateur Radio Club Annual Swap Meet

Sunday March 05 2017

Queensborough Community Centre, 920 Ewan Avenue, New Westminster, BC

Snack shop: Coffee, hot dogs, do-nuts.

Free Parking, Limited handicapped Parking. Arrive early.

Door Prize: ICOM 2m handheld FM transceiver.

Raffle Prize: ICOM 65W 2m FM mobile transceiver.

Cost:  $6.00 at the door per person. Children under 12 years: free

Doors Open:

Dealers:   8:30 am
Sellers:   9:00am
Buyers:  10:00am to 1:00pm

Tables are priced at $25.00 each. This includes one seller. If you are sharing a table, add $6.00 per additional person.  We require the names and call signs of all vendors for our records. All table Rentals must be prepaid .

Please contact Lou Beaubien VE7CGE to order tables,  Phone 604.291.1569

After you have received confirmation of your table reservation, you can use the PayPal buttons to submit your payment at the bottom of the Swap Meet Page.

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