DSTAR Reflector Use

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Just a quick note to the VE7RMR DSTAR users.  Please make use of this repeater there are many reflectors that can be accessed including XRF and DCS reflectors.  We ask that if you are finished with and will no longer be using the reflector please disconnect or simply re-connect to reflector REF026A.

Recent complaints from some of the club members that the repeater is being left of REF001C have caused the club to impose a 20min rule be added to the repeater.

I also ask that if you wish to disconnect from a reflector please announce your intentions as users may be monitoring or waiting for a net.  This is a courtesy to other users who may be still wishing to use the connected reflector.

This rule will return the repeater to reflector REF026A after 20 minutes regardless of the activity.  Users who are participating in a QSO or are waiting to be called on a net should be aware of this and watch the clock.  There will be no warning but there will be an announcement that the repeater in connected to REF026A after the 20 minute rule has be applied.  If this occurs please reconnect to the reflector you were on to continue the use.

I hope that this is not to much of a interruption and please let us know if this 20min rule should be looked at and increased.  We want to encourage the use of the repeater and all of its functionality.

If you are interested in more information about DSTAR including the daily nets and all the reflectors that DSTAR can access please visit www.dstarinfo.com.

If you have any questions concern please use the “Contact MRARC” tab. If you are a club member with sign in access you can also leave comments on any of the posts.



Graham Wing