Palm Springs Hamfest

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Hello everyone up there in snowy Maple Ridge, and Pitt Meadows.   I trust that you are all getting by with the unusually cold and snowy season.

Palms Springs has been cool up until about a week ago.  The weather has finally turned to the warmer side for us, at last!

As most of you probably know, by our absence on radio, Rhonda and I have been very busy down here with family visiting us here at Christmas, to unexpected trips to Calgary to deal with Family matters and volunteering for duties around the park.  The last 3 months passed quickly and it still feels like we just got here yesterday.   Well enough about us.

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to visit the Palm Spring Hamfest.   I attended the event with two very good friends, Scott (portland, Or) and Rand (VE7HRA) visiting the valley from Ladner.

This year, the hamfest was particularly fun because the event was held at the Palm Springs Aircraft Museum.   So, in addition to the usual outdoor swapmeet and indoor hamfest, we got the opportunity to visit many old (in many cases still operational) aircraft from years gone by. Although, the hamfest lacked radio manufacturers, there were a number of ham gear vendors (including HRO) on hand to sell their wares.  The Desert Rats club did a very good job organizing the years event and by the number of people that I we saw walking around, I would say that it was also very successful.   And, of course, the club had their request for warm and sunny weather fulfilled.  It was a beautiful day!  I wonder if we could fit an airplane or two in our bi-annual swap meet, Hi Hi.

We also had a very special visitor attend the hamfest by the name of Gordon West, from Ham Nation fame.   I had the opportunity to meet Gordo when I visited Quartzfest in Quartsite, AZ a week and a half ago.   He’s just like on Ham Nation, very entertaining and all around nice guy.

My next Hamfest Adventure will be in Yuma, AZ on February 18th.  By the way, Ron Champagne is down here and I expect that he will be joining Scott, Rand and myself for the trip to Yuma.

73 for now, and may the warmer weather be upon you, soon!!

Earl VE7QJ

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  1. Graham [VE7WGJ]

    Thanks for the update Earl, sounds like this retirement gig is a pretty good deal. Looking forward to hear about the Yuma Arizona Hamfest adventure. Take care.

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